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Shy Teen Takes A Massive Dicking-Down In Her First Vid!

by | May 31, 2009 | In Amateur, First-Timer, india porn movie, Indian Porn, Teen Comments Off on Shy Teen Takes A Massive Dicking-Down In Her First Vid!

india porn movie

So this slutbag’s barely legal, but she’s an eager student to her horny instructor! At first she’s a little shy, but that don’t mean she’s not raring to be fucked. In fact, when her partner pokes his fingers down her panties, her twat’s already puffy and dripping!

This lovely first-timer learns fast, cuz soon she’s gobbling up her man’s stiffening whang straight down to the balls. After that, she sticks her greased-up cunt right on his shaft and lets him drive hard into her hole, right up to the hilt. All it takes for this trollop is a good, hard ramming, cuz soon she takes her stud’s jizzload on her face and tits like a seasoned porn star!


Indian Coed Loves Sucking Cock

by | May 28, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Indian Coed Loves Sucking Cock

Indian Stuffers

Take a look at video clips of an Indian chick sucking dick. If her strict parents found out that she was doing something like this, they would surely disown her. She’s not supposed to even kiss a guy until she’s married and hardcore acts like blowjobs are strictly forbidden. However, the fact that she’s not supposed to do it, makes this 18 year old slut want to do it even more.

She’s just eighteen years old, but you can tell that she’s already sucked more than her fair share of cocks. She has the kind of blowjob skills that only come with lots of experience. She really knows how to work a penis with her mouth and can even deep throat a dick with no problems. However, my favorite part is when she starts begging for his hot sperm all over her face.

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Indian Babe Learns to Give Head

by | May 25, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Indian Babe Learns to Give Head

Indian Stuffers

I know it’s slutty and against my Indian culture to make love before marriage, but I have been secretly dating a guy and letting him fuck my pussy for months now. I’ve even let his dick into my butt a few times. But, like most Punjabi girls, I’ve never gotten the hang of blowjobs. So last night, I finally asked my boyfriend to show me how to give him great head. Take a look at steamy pictures of our private blowjob lesson.

At first, I struggled to take his dick in my mouth but he slowly kept thrusting in to help work my jaw open. I gagged a few times but by the end, he was able to really fuck my mouth hard like he was in my pussy. I was even able to deep throat him for a few seconds. I tried to swallow all of his sperm but there was a lot and some of dribbled all over my bare tits. After I licked his penis clean he fingered and licked my pussy so I could cum too.

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It’s Fingerscrewing Time For This Dirty Indian Minx!

by | May 24, 2009 | In hairy pussy, India Porn Com, Indian Porn, Masturbation Comments Off on It’s Fingerscrewing Time For This Dirty Indian Minx!

india porn com

When the sexy Priya’s left alone at home by her folks, she’s actually happy cuz she gets to poke around her puss-puss as much as she likes! For her there’s nothing more fun than diddling her cum-pie until all her girl-goo comes blasting out onto her palm. You wanna see how she does it? Then check out her preview here!

Sometimes this whore gets so worked up, she even takes films of herself jilling off. Good for us that she decided to share one of her private home movies, where you’ll see her flicking her clit and even her tiny shithole. We haven’t seen this much action from an Indian solo amateur flick, and we thought we’d share this splooge-busting episode with you too!


Indian Teen Giving Head

by | May 21, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Indian Teen Giving Head

Indian Stuffers

Check out these video samples of this Indian nympho working a rock hard dick with her mouth. If the parents of this 18 year old found out where she was and what she was doing, they would definitely disown her. They’re very strict and very conservative, she’s not supposed to even date men, let alone do x-rated things with them!

However, none of that stops this horny amateur. Tonight, we get to see her giving a blowjob. She told her parents that she was going to the library to study with some of her girlfriends, but instead she heads over to her friend’s home. It starts with them making out on the couch, but fifteen minutes later, clothes start coming off and things are getting really hot.

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Indian Coed Working A Cock

by | May 18, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Indian Coed Working A Cock

Indian Stuffers

Check out these video samples of a barely legal Indian girl working a dick. Just a few months ago, she had plans on following her parents orders for an arranged marriage and not to make love until she got married. But as you can tell, she got sidetracked along the way. If her parents found out, they would disown her, especially if they found out what she was doing with this white boy.

The curiosity got to her. A lot of her friends were having premarital sex and she decided that she wanted to try it out for herself. She thought that just once wouldn’t hurt and none one would ever have to find out. Well once turned into a whole lot more. Soon, she was giving blowjobs just about every night and getting her pussy fucked at least once a day.

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Daring Housemaid Enters Porn For Kicks!

by | May 17, 2009 | In india porn site, Indian Porn, Masturbation, Teen Comments Off on Daring Housemaid Enters Porn For Kicks!

india porn site

Make way for the feisty Sorya! This bitch is more than ready to strut her stuff in her first-ever porn flick which she made just for you. So sit back, unzip yer pants, and prepare to be blown away!

As you can see, her titbags are tasily firm and bouncy, and those hard nipples are just ready to be sucked. That’s cuz she’s so horny! So she sticks her fingers up her hot twathole and drills in and out, drawing her sticky juices over her clit until her entire beaver’s read and swollen. Soon she’s got her hips grinding up and down, and her hot cream gushes out over her thighs! We tell ya boys, this whore’s one of those first-timers you must see NOW!


Horny Indian Teen With A Dildo

by | May 14, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Horny Indian Teen With A Dildo

Indian Stuffers

Check out these video samples of a this gorgeous and horny Indian amateur with a her vibrator. Her parents just found out that she has been sneaking out to see a boyfriend and she’s not allowed to date. She might be eighteen years old, but her parents are super strict. They sent her to her room and told her she was grounded. She actually got off really easy because if they found out that she has been letting her boyfriend fuck her tight amateur pussy, they would have disowned her and sent her back to India!

Just because she couldn’t get out of the house to see her boyfriend didn’t mean she couldn’t still get herself off. Her girlfriends have been telling her for weeks how easy it is to make yourself cum with a vibrator or vibrator so tonight she decided to try her new sleek, silver sex toy out. This horny Punjabi first sucked on the sex toy to get it nice and wet. She discovered her love of blowjobs last week so she got turned on just pretending the sex toy was a real hard penis. Finally, when she was wet enough she slides it deep inside hot Punjabi pussy. She had to stop herself from moaning and screaming as she pounded her pussy. She couldn’t believe just how great it felt.

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Indian Teens Sharing A Hard Cock

by | May 11, 2009 | In Uncategorized Comments Off on Indian Teens Sharing A Hard Cock

Indian Stuffers

As you can tell I had a pretty good weekend. Check out these video samples of these two horny Indian nymphos working my hard dick. Saturday night, I was hanging out with these two, I really didn’t think anything was going to happen. Punjabi girls usually have a reputation of being conservative, if not downright prudes. However, these two showed me a completely different experience.

One minute, we’re just watching a movie. The next minute, the two of them are ripping off my pants. Soon, they’re both on their knees in front of me, taking turns giving me a blowjob. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time that these two Punjabi sluts have tag teamed a dick. They both definitely know what they were doing.

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India Porn Star Jills Off in Dirty Home Video!

by | May 10, 2009 | In india porn star, Indian Porn, Masturbation, Teen Comments Off on India Porn Star Jills Off in Dirty Home Video!

india porn star

Playful party girl Omaira’s up for something more daring, so she tries her hand at being an amateur India porn star! Good thing she’s pretty confident in her skin so we didn’t have a hard time convincing her to play the total tramp on film.

Her meaty boobies are something we had a field day watching, and we know you’ll enjoy seeing them jiggle around as her fingers move faster and faster while strumming her nub. She even uses a plastic dick (the slag actually came prepared for her scene)! Watch this beotch whack off to jizz-busting orgasm that’ll leave you breathless and ready for your second cumming!